Ready to Run: Week 3 Training

I had such a high last week running 4 miles.  I felt on fire.  I was thinking about training for a 10K!  

Then I went for a run on Tuesday.  

As I described in last week’s recap, I feel so much better on Saturday morning runs than on after work runs.  This run started off slow and my muscles felt tight but I didn’t think anything of it.  After running just 1 mile, my calves were feeling really really tight and I started to feel a burning sensation.  As an asthmatic, I always get annoyed when my lungs are feeling better than my legs because I want to take advantage of being able to breathe!  So I kept going. 

After another half a mile something told me to stop.  My calves were on fire.  And as soon as I stopped running the pain intensified and I almost fell over in pain.  

Fortunately I was close to my apartment.  As I walked home it felt like there were burning metal cuffs around my lower legs trying to prevent me from walking.  By the time I got home the burning sensation was gone but I felt an incredible ache instead.  

The top results of a quick Google search all suggested that my sneakers were the problem.  I purchased the shoes at a local running store so I made plans to head there on Saturday.  I also scheduled a massage with one of my favorite people my cousin, Nicole (she’s currently at Tuscan Salon in Franklin, MA if anyone’s interested).  

I was nervous to back to the running store. I didn’t have the receipt or the original box.  Plus I had the sneakers for about a month at that point.  There’s no way they were going to take them back.  And would they tell me they’re not Dr’s and can’t diagnose leg pain?  I had a lot of doubts.  

And now I’m beyond thrilled!  So what happened?  Well I took my new sneakers with me along with my last pair of sneakers.  I told the guy (never got his name) about my problem.  He took a look at both pairs and was surprised that I ended up with the pair I recently purchased.  Apparently my previous sneakers had a lot more cushioning than this new minimalist-ish pair I purchased.  He watched me run in the sneakers vs the newest model of my old sneakers.  I was turning in with the sneakers.  He guessed this was causing achilles tendon problems which was in turn affecting my calves.  This made sense to me as I could feel the difference just from a short store distance jog.  

Now get this, after they fitted me in 3 different pairs I ended up liking the Brooks the best.  They let me exchange the sneakers for a new pair!  I just needed to pay the difference.  Incredible!  Thank you Marathon Sports in Melrose! 

Now let me get on my soap box real quick.  It is so important to get properly fitted for sneakers.  Go to the local running store where the people who work there are actual runners and are trained to learn all about the difference in the shoes.  Plus, these local stores have amazing customer service that you just can’t get at a big box store.  It’s like going to Sephora vs Target to get a new makeup look.  However, all of their expertise will never replace you knowing your own body and what works and what doesn't work.

Hopefully I'm back on track soon.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates!  

Bye bye New Balance, Hello Brooks @ Marathon Sports in Melrose, MA.

Bye bye New Balance, Hello Brooks @ Marathon Sports in Melrose, MA.