My 1 Week Meditation Experiment

When you see someone that has what you want, you do what they do to get it.
— Gabby Bernstein, Spirit Junkie MasterClass

This is not an exact quote but it’s the essence of what I remember during a session at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie MasterClass this past June in New York City.  

It’s so TRUE!  

If you admire someone for their physical shape, do your research to find out what workout they do and then do it.  If you admire someone for their career, give them a call and find out what worked for them or research their career online.  

Granted not everything works for everyone.  BUT…it is a lot better than sitting at home on your couch complaining that you still can’t do a push up or you got passed over for a promotion…AGAIN.  

At SJMC, Gabby was speaking about having what she has: a career that she loves, a supportive community, awesome loved ones, and just overall happiness.  Gabby is always preaching* about being the light and choosing happiness and ..well so so much more (I recommend any of her 4 books, but Spirit Junkie is still my fav).  

She doesn’t get there by binging on Netflix and following real housewife drama from Bravo to Twitter and bitching to her friends about she can’t believe this person did that, etc etc.  

But isn’t that what so many of us do?  None of us are perfect, obviously!  But so often our egos get in the way and we end up stuck on the couch running through a list of reasons why we can’t have what they have.  

What I admire in Gabby is her overall happiness and her powerful energy that is just incredible.  (You have to see her live!)  One of the things I know Gabby does on a daily basis is MEDITATION…which I learned from Instagram.  I love how the internet makes things so easy :) 

I’ve done meditations off and on.  It’s crazy how something that seems so simple - just sitting - can be so hard.  It seems impossible to find even 5 minutes, am I right? 

Meditating on the Jersey Shore last Summer.  It was easy to find my five minutes to meditate while my BFF was off running 8 miles :)

Meditating on the Jersey Shore last Summer.  It was easy to find my five minutes to meditate while my BFF was off running 8 miles :)


So I committed to a week of at least 2 meditations per day.  I just finished an online program with Mastin Kipp and received 3 guided meditations so it was perfect timing for this experiment.  


I was definitely at the 2 meditations per day level of the “at least 2 meditations” commitment.  There was a morning and an evening meditation.  

The morning meditation was great.  It was 20 minutes long and included 10 minutes of quick kundalini yoga exercises and 10 minutes of a guided meditation.  The guided meditation portion focused on making sure you made choices that demonstrated your self respect - from exercise to food choices to building in time for creativity.  

I felt like the kundalini yoga really helped to give me energy in the morning, especially on work days.  And when I was running behind, I would do the kundalini and then listen to the rest of the meditation while I ironed my clothes, packed my lunch, and maybe even when I was in the shower.  I really liked how the guided meditation had me go through the day and foresee where I might run into some troubles and could make some better decisions ahead of time. 

The nighttime guided meditation was also 20 minutes.  This one was a bit long for me.  I tried to listen to the meditation before I was actually tired but this worked out about only half the time.  I really wished the nighttime one was shorter and I may actually record my own version <eek! stepping out of my comfort zone here so leave a comment below if you’d want a copy!>.  

What was great about the nighttime meditation was going back through my day and forgiving myself for making any bad decisions, seeing where I could have made better choices throughout the day, and blessing anyone I interacted with.  It was a much better way to end the day instead of my normal routine of numbing out in some sort of TV binge. 


I definitely recommend the meditations and I am going to continue them.  I slept better and according to my Fitbit I had fewer restless minutes than the week before when I wasn’t meditating which is AMAZING!  (Also, watching less TV also has an impact on my sleep patterns but that’s another topic to tackle later on).  

So here’s some homework for you.  In the comments below share who you have been admiring, why, and just 1 way of what they did/are doing to get there.  Now commit to it for just 1 week.  Just 7 days.  

It’s just a week.  If you’re like me committing brings up the crazy part of your ego.  For me, I hear my ego say amazingly inventive things like “Well…I can’t commit to a daily meditation practice because what if one day I go to Paris and I have an event to go to as soon as I land.”  I mean I don’t even know why I think my future life is going to be like a scene out of Devil Wears Prada.  

Anyway…it’s just one week. That’s it!  I know you’ve got this.  Let me know what you’re committing to in the comments below and then make sure to come back and tell us how it went!  

Meeting Gabby at Spirit Junkie MasterClass, June 2015

Meeting Gabby at Spirit Junkie MasterClass, June 2015

*I mean “preaching” in the welcome to church of Gabby kind of way, not just talking loudly at anyone that will listen.