How I unperfected my workout

Confession:  I may be on a spiritual path but I certainly don't do the best when it comes to listening to the Universe.  

I kept hearing that I needed to rethink the focus on my high intensity interval workouts (think the store brand version of Crossfit).  In fact I heard it 3 times within 2 months.  Not because of the type of workout it was or anything like that but 3 different people told me they could tell that these workouts were not connecting to my soul.  And they were right.  Getting to the gym felt like an obligation.  Something I was supposed to do.  It certainly didn’t feel like self care or way to honor myself.  

So I heard the message 3 times and well…I still didn’t do anything about it.  It took a crazy thunderstorm to create completely unsafe driving conditions for me to realize the Universe had literally created the perfect storm to stop me from going to the gym.  Message received!  

But I was pissed, in the most lovable way, at the Universe and my life coach (the most recent person to give me this advice). 

And I was frustrated.  My mind was holding onto this perfect definition of a workout (30 minutes, intervals, weights, sprints, buckets of sweat).  And anything that didn’t perfectly match my perfect definition was simply a waste of time.  

Psstttt!  That evil word is back…perfect.  

And so the message became even clearer:  I needed to unperfected my workouts.  

Yesterday’s blog topic was about how perfectionism can prevent you from starting a goal.  Today’s topic is how how perfectionism can prevent you from listening to your intuition.  

So how did I ultimately unperfect my workout? 

First - I let it go (and I may have even done a little Frozen karaoke in the spirit of the lesson).  

It was clear that this perfect workout wasn’t doing me any good.  And if I’m honest, my intuition had been telling me all along that any benefit of the workout was completely erased by the stress that went into getting me there.  So if it wasn’t benefiting my body or my soul then it needed to move to the bottom of the priority list.  

Second - I slept in.

That same week I was exhausted and by Friday afternoon I could barely stay awake.  My gym only has morning classes on the weekend which means I’m constantly awakened by a jarring alarm.  I knew my perfect workout was no longer perfect so I slept in.  The next morning I went for a run and it was amazing!  I had more energy than I normally did after going to the gym.  More importantly I felt alive and absolutely connected to my soul.  

Then I Periscoped about it. 

(Are you on Periscope yet?  So so good!  Follow me @HeidiSwymer).

And on this Periscope, my fellow Scopers and I came up with some incredible tips to Unperfect our workouts:

  • When you’re short on time, have a dance party!
  • If you have a Fitbit goal, go for a run!  The steps will tally up faster than a walk.
  • If you’re doing a program like Insanity it’s totally ok to not follow the program exactly.  
  • In the event you can’t make it to your gym, have a fun playlist ready to go to motivate you.  
  • If your normal workout feels like a chore, then go find a new workout. 

Do you have any tips to Unperfecting Your Workout? If so, share them in the comments below!  And if there’s another area in your life you need to unperfect, I want to hear about those too.  

Say it with me:  Byyeee Perfection!