My Spiritual Gurus

Wild Things - I’ve written several times of how this journey started in 2010.  Though admittedly it probably started long before that and I just wasn’t sure.  And admittedly I don’t know what kind of journey this is - a spiritual one, a self-improvement one, an awareness of awesomeness - probably a combination of all of those.  

Along the way I’ve found some amazing teachers and tonight, for day 13 of the 30 day blogging challenge, I wanted to share those with you.  If any of the posts on this blog have resonated with you then I definitely suggest reaching out to these superheroes.  

Gabby Bernstein

Gabby was my first.  When Gabby talks about her spiritual journey she frequently tells the story that goes something like this.  When she was bottoming out from too much partying, drugs, etc, she desperately prayed to God for help.  The next day she was in a bookstore and A Course in Miracles jumps off the shelf and into her hands.  

For me, I was on a plane moving to a city I didn’t want to be in for a job I didn’t want.  I picked up a whole bunch of magazines at the airport and one included an article about Gabby Bernstein. 

I was completely hooked on Gabby when I read her book Spirit Junkie.  In the book, Gabby introduces this concept of a Tiny Mad Idea, which is basically at some point we tell ourselves we’re not worthy and basically go through the rest of life with a chip on our shoulders.  I could totally relate to that.  Growing up with a single mom in a town full of picture perfect families, well I just never felt like I fit in.  I could also totally relate to her describing her need to be in a relationship and how much the status of a relationship defined her.  I could totally see myself in this, except the relationship was with my job and not another person. 

If I could sum up Gabby’s teachings in a quick summary it would be this:  only love is real.  Fear isn’t real, the tiny mad idea isn’t real, and as soon as you can see that and choose to live your life from a place of love then life will be awesome.  Who doesn’t want that? 

Mastin Kipp

Mastin is the founder of the Daily Love and I’m pretty sure I found him through Gabby.  At first I just followed him on Twitter and eventually signed up for the emails.  What Mastin is about is:  ACTION.  He likes to say that if you’ve bought all the spiritual books and you subscribe to all the newsletters and you go to all the lectures then you’re really doing what he calls “spiritual entertainment”.  You’re not committing to the work and you’re not taking action.  He is all about the action. 

Mastin’s philosophy is similar to the tiny mad idea which he calls the original incident.  Only once identify your OI can you begin to break your negative patterns and grow.  

I really love pairing the two of them together and I think it would be great if they did a workshop together (hint, hint). 

A few other spiritual rockstars:

Danielle Laporte - I only follow Danielle on social media.  I haven’t read her books or heard her speak…yet.  Danielle has this spicy fire and her #truthbombs make me think she’s the Kelly Cutrone of the spiritual world.  She has this amazing line of temporary tattoos with sassy sayings like “french kiss life” in gold foil.  So clever.  

Kris Carr - Kris blog a lot about nutrition and healthy eating and this includes so much about self care which is super important.  None of us take enough time for this and put it at the bottom of our to do lists and the bottom of our budgetary needs.  It’s not good for any of us.  I heard Kris speak on a webinar and she has the most calming and supportive energy I’ve ever felt.  

Gala Darling - Gala is a woman who completely owns who she is.  She is not a people pleaser and lives life according to her own rules.  I’m so inspired by all of this and one day hope to have her freedom and confidence.  

Jordan Bach - Follow him on Instagram.  He is a beautiful person on the outside and the inside.  Lately, his Instagram posts seem to speak directly to my soul.  Everything’s going to be ok and he’s going to make sure you know it.  

So those are a few of my favs that I’ve found on my spiritual journey.  Please check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below.  Also, let me know if you have any favorites.  We’ll all benefit from sharing more positivity in this world.