What it Means to Be The Light

Wild Things - Today I’m focusing on the power of positive feelings.  It’s what I think Gabby Bernstein means when she says to “Be The Light”.  It’s different from positive thinking.  Let’s get out our heads (the thinking part) and into that touchy feely, warm, soulful place (the feeling part).  I think maybe some people call it your heart :) 

Within the past week and a half I’ve experienced a major shift.  Some difficult things have happened but I was FINALLY able to trust that the Universe had my back.  I trusted there was a lesson and everything would be ok.  There were times I was incredibly sad, but by trusting in the Universe I was able to release the fear and the future tripping and instead trust that everything would be ok and I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.  

I’ve been on an active spiritual journey since 2010 and it has not been easy to get to this point five years later.  I know a lot of you are feeling stuck or something (or someone) has you feeling down so I really want to share this super simple trick that has really helped me.  

I feel wildly positive for 30 seconds a day!


Each night, I thought about what my ideal outcome would be for this particularly sucky situation.  Then I felt what it would FEEL like for that outcome to actually happen.  I felt the happiness, the abundance, the peace, and the connection.  And then I felt those feelings while either doing the dishes or washing my face. 

That was it. So simple.  Essentially a quick 30 second or minute task (depending on how many dishes had piled up in the sink at that point of course). 

This is what has helped me pull through the victim mentality and approach life with my own Fight Song/Let it Go anthem (omg - can someone make a mashup please?!).  No more excuses.  And guess what?  The results have been awesome!  I finally had the guts to share my Facebook page and got an incredible 30 likes overnight AND I had someone reach out to me today who is interested in buying my photos for her business and clients.  AMAZING!  Now I was honestly feeling happy, abundant, peaceful, and connected.       

I think this is what Gabby Bernstein refers to as “being the light” which is approaching life with a positive energy so that you attract positive energy back.  

An affirmation from Gabby's Spirit Junkie app.  I highly recommend downloading it!  

An affirmation from Gabby's Spirit Junkie app.  I highly recommend downloading it!  

I couldn’t understand this concept before.  It used to feel really fake to me.  And here’s why I was thinking about it wrong.  It’s not an exercise of feeling happy about having to do dishes (that’s fake).  It’s about feeling the happiness of the desired outcome.  I only incorporate doing the dishes because I have a hard time not multitasking and it essentially helps track the time. 

I am so enamored with people that are truly excited for life and I’m beginning to think this might be their secret.  

So tonight, give yourself some awesome self care time, a whole 30 seconds to feel WILDLY positive about life.  Then for extra credit, come back here and let me know how it goes!