What's Beyond the River Bend

My Wild Lovelies - I’m wildly obsessed with Disney movies.  The wonderful songs, the beautiful scenery, the incredibly loyal sidekicks, the timeless adventures, and of course the all important life lessons.

During this past week, I had a call with my amazing coach, Haley Night.  Haley works with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs and I have a desire to help people live the most awesome version of their lives.  I’ve started to work towards this goal by using my photography to creative visual reminders, I realize there is so much more that I can do.  Right now, I’m contemplating two options:  to become a life coach or become a marketing coach (though either one will need a Wildly Awesome new title).   

So....can you guess the Disney movie providing me inspiration through this decision?  Ladies and gentlemen, get out your biscuits and compasses, because the answer is:  Pocahontas!  

What I love about Pocahontas is the important lesson of choosing what’s expected of you versus choosing to follow your heart.  I was in high school when this movie came out so the concept of feeling control of your future yet completely unsure of the right decision really resonated with me.  

Should I choose the smoothest course?  
Steady as the beating drum?
Should I marry Kocoum?
Is all my dreaming at an end?
Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver
Just around the river bend?

And so I find myself back at the river bend with two different streams ahead of me.  The problem is I’m sure what the smoothest course is and I’m hyper aware of not choosing it simply because it’s smooth.  

Haley gave me some great advice in thinking through the decision which I certainly want to share here:

  • Imagine my ideal work day - after exercising, meditating, and having my morning latte what was it that I was excited to do?  
  • Imagine myself as a marketing coach for a week and see how that felt. 
  • To find 5 marketing coaches online and see if I’m excited by what they do.  

What I love most about this advice is that there isn’t one right answer.  The guidance is to focus on how I'm feeling and what I sense will bring the most high vibes into my life.  There’s no market sizing and pricing exercise to answer this question.  There's no right answer, just a right feeling.  

This is where I currently stand with the two options:

Marketing is an area that I have expertise in.  I have my MBA in marketing and I worked in one of the top marketing leadership programs in the world.  So it does seem safe in terms of being confidence in my expertise.  On the other hand, I would get to design fun marketing programs that help entrepreneurs have the most awesome version of their business.  

Being a life coach seems like an obvious path and that to me makes it safe.  But I’m also frozen when I think about how this makes me feel.  I have no idea how to teach someone to be the most awesome version of themselves.  Does that mean I’m just not interested?  Or is it just fear?  

I know there isn’t a right answer, though I’d really love to have Grandmother Willow’s wisdom at this point :)  I also realize that both are very similar in the ultimate goal: helping people to live an awesome life or having an awesome business.  At the end of the day its about getting rid of limiting beliefs, having confidence, and trusting the Universe.  

I don't want to rush the decision but there’s only so long as I can sit at the fork of the river before either the current or my paddle moves me down one direction.  

To my fellow Entrepreneurs, I’d love to hear from you.  Have you been at a fork in your endeavors?  If so, how did you move through them?  And if you’re reading this and you’re already a life coach or a marketing coach I’d love to hear any insights about your line of work.