Working with a Life Coach

Earlier this year I started working with a life coach.  There, I said it.  I’m not sure why there’s a stigma around this and it’s quite possible it’s all in my head.  But after talking to a few of my closest friends, what I think it comes down to is just the mysterious of it.  If no one’s talking about it then no one knows about it and the endless cycle continues.  

So today I’m going to out my experience!

I first started working with a life coach earlier this year.  Things were not going great at work.  Things weren’t terrible but they weren’t great either.  And considering I spend the majority of my week at work, I was frustrated.  I felt stuck.  Where was my life headed?

There were two things that were important to me in finding a life coach.  First, they needed to be familiar Gabby Bernstein and Mastin Kipp.  I wanted to be able to talk about their teachings and how I was having trouble applying them to my life.  Second, it was important to me that my life coach had worked in Corporate America at some point.  I wanted someone who could understand office politics and bureaucracy.  

I ultimately found my coach on Facebook, if you can believe it.  I went into one of Mastin’s Facebook groups for one of his online events and posted exactly what I was looking for.  Two people reached out to me!  It really was that easy.

The great part of life coaches is that most offer an introductory call for free.  It’s just as important to them to know that their potential clients are a good fit.  The first call, who I ultimately ended up working with, gave me some immediate Aha moments as well as some homework, before I even committed to working with her. 

She called me out for being in this Victim mentality.  Basically, I was letting work happen to me instead of taking ownership for the situation I was in.  I was choosing to work there instead of someplace else.  It was a wake up call I needed to hear.  I was stuck because I was in my own way.  I didn't want to work with someone that was just going to be my cheerleader and agree with everything I needed to say.  I needed someone to help me see what I couldn't.  

(For the record there was nothing wrong with the second coach but she specialized in working with moms which just wasn’t applicable to my situation.)  

So what’s it like working with a life coach?  Well my coach is located in New York and I’m here in Massachusetts so we meet via Skype for our hour long sessions.  We meet about twice a month which is a good cadence for me.  What can I say, sometimes not that much new happens in my life in a week :)  

The sessions are really quite simple.  We talk about things that are currently stressing me out and recently we’ve started digging into my childhood to figure out where my patterns came from.  

My favorite part is the homework!  This is really where the WORK comes into play.  It’s great to sit there for an hour and chat but I love having concrete homework that helps me implement the lessons into my life.  I will forever stay stuck if I don’t put in the work.  

If you’re looking for a life coach, I have 3 quick pieces of advice:

  1. Figure out the main issue you want to work on. 
  2. Brainstorm any specific characteristics you want your life coach to have. 
  3. Get on social media and search hashtags based on what you identified in step 1 and step 2!  Life coaches are brilliant with social media.  They’re on Instagram, they’ve created mastermind Facebook groups, and they’re exploding on Periscope.  

Let me know how it goes in the comments below and if you have any other questions, ask away!

Have an awesome day!