Wild Things - I need to preach! 

Recently I received a series of negative text messages.  I don't want to go into the details because this sermon is not about who is right and who is wrong.  It is about the lesson.  

This person has always perceived their life as hard.  And because of that they expect so much from other people.  This person's life is always going to be worse than everyone else's and they're not empowered to do anything about it.  Their feelings are their feelings and not to be judged or invalidated.  But that's not the point either.  

This is the lesson: 

What we all need to learn (myself included) is that you are AWESOME and POWERFUL and AMAZING.

Yes, bad stuff happens and this is not meant to undermine anyone's experience.  But don't let it completely hold you back.  Don't let yourself wallow in this victim mentality.  

Shake it off and rise above it!  Please don't be miserable and angry at the world.  Don't focus on what is lacking.  

Figure out what you want and go after it.  Not because no one else will do it for you but because you are so awesome you are ABLE to do whatever you want and INSPIRE others to do the same.

Let me tell you a story.  I LOVE writing this blog but I am not so great at sharing it.  I'm terrified I'm bothering people!  Why?  Because someone at some point told me I wasn't good enough and I've carried that with me for decades.  Crazy!  But today I'm letting that go!  I'm going to be my fabulous self and I'm going to share everywhere and if people don't like it that's ok because I'm no longer going to play small.  

You might not think of yourself as a victim but I bet there's something holding you back.  For whatever reason.  It doesn't matter.  You don't need to prove yourself.  You are absolutely wonderful and talented and if you put the work in you can make anything happen.  

Now, for the love of all you WILD THINGS, GO BE AWESOME!!!