I Did It! Blog Challenge Complete!

30 Days ago I started this 30 Day Blog Challenge and in doing so declared “I’m so f***king done with getting in my own way!”  So 30 days later, I did it!  I got out of my way!  Not only did I complete the challenge, I also set up a Facebook Public Figure page, and of course, I learned a few things along the way. 

The Process

I always had this overwhelming idea of what it took to be a Blogger.  I thought I needed 7 uninterrupted hours of complete zen to research and write life changing theses.  In reality, it takes 45 minutes to an hour which is so so much more manageable.  

It was also interesting to observe my routine.  A little YouTube karaoke - it's amazing I don't have a singing career yet ;) , a bit of Theo dark chocolate, and a few sips of wine have become my arsenal of tricks.  Originally I had a rule of “Don’t drink and blog” but since I have both hands on the keyboard I end up only having a few sips (same goes with the chocolate).  The Karaoke energizes me and the chocolate and wine make me feel pampered.  It’s now my secret weapon for dealing with stress overload.  

I always thought morning was the most productive time of day for me but as you may have noticed most blogs happened between 8 and 9pm.  Sure, part of that was procrastination.  Did I have the “right” topic?  But I liked having the topic sit in the back of my mind so I could let the key points rise up from my consciousness.  It also turns out that writing right before bed is incredibly cathartic to get a good night’s sleep.


This challenge certainly gave me a glimpse of what to write about going forward.  The more vulnerable posts with actual stories got the most comments (note:  comments include actual conversations, text messages, and FB messages).  Duly noted.  And a person only has so many stories so I’m excited to go on more adventures and take on more challenges so I have good content to share. 

I can look at the metrics to see the most an least popular posts.  This isn’t a true depiction though because I didn’t always share the posts in the same channels.  In marketing lingo, this means it wasn’t a true A/B test.  

Here are the posts you liked the most:

And these are the ones that got the least love :( (though that’s on me for not sharing): 


There were times when I felt repetitive in these posts.  There were some obvious underlying lessons that came up over and over again:  Perfectionism, Comparison to Others, and Thinking Instead of Feeling.

These themes came up for me when blogging and they come up in the posts themselves.  It’s what caused me to get in my own way in the first place and it’s most likely what’s holding you back too.  

I started this blog because I know I’ve held myself back and stayed in situations that have made me miserable for a really long time.  I don’t want that anymore and I don’t want that for anyone else.  I want you to live the totally awesome left that you deserve.  

Thank you for staying with me on this 30 day journey.  There is so much more to come.  So stay tuned!