The New To-Do List: Feelings

Hey Wild Things - 

There's a reason I like early mornings.  When everything is fresh and brand new and a whole day lays before me.  So many opportunities and possibilities.  A chance to make anything and everything happen.  

At night it's really hard for me to keep that same level of optimism.  Instead of look forward to new possibilities I find myself reflecting back on the day.  What did I get done, What did I not get done.  A scorecard in essence.  And there aren't many days that the scorecard feels great.  I'm afraid to do the math, but at this point I think I've had more years on life outside of school than in school and I'm still grading myself!  

The issue is that a scorecard, especially for women, is not going to make you feel great...ever.  Because a scorecard is just about checking things off the list and not focusing on how you feel.  If your scorecard focused on feelings then you'd be headed in the right direction.  And I challenge you, and myself!, to do just that.  

Gabby Bernstein preached on this topic this weekend in a more Spirit Junkie manner of speaking (click on the hyperlink to see Gabby's InstaVideo):

You see the world you have made but you do not see yourself as the image maker.  What you believe you see.  So what have you been believing in?  

Basically what she's saying is if you only see your world through your list of to dos, then all you will see and think about your life is how well you did against that to do list.  You need to switch up how you see things.  

So if tonight, you're feeling a tad hard on yourself then please find a mirror and read the following love letter out loud (like really loud) to yourself: 

I am fantastic. 

I am a total rockstar. 

I am confident, abundant, and fun loving. 

I choose to live an awesome life.  

In those times it doesn't seem so awesome, I know there's a lesson I'm meant to learn.  

I believe what I see.  

I trust that the Universe has my back and I will make the most of this one amazing life. 

Sat nam.