Eat, Pray, Love Your Life

Twelve years ago today, Elizabeth Gilbert left for Italy to begin a year-long self discovery journey that would become Eat, Pray, Love.  One of my favorite books!  I read it twice (needed to go back through again with a highlighter and take notes) and even stood in line at an actual store in order to buy the DVD (I know!).  

The story of Eat, Pray, Love is an autobiography.  Elizabeth, or Liz as she goes by in the book, has just been through a painful divorce and decides to take a year to travel solo to Italy (Eat), India (Pray), and Bali (Love).  She meets a whole bunch of wonderful characters and along the way discovers her true self. 

It’s an adventure I truly envy which is why I’m so excited that I’m going to Bali this December for 2 weeks!!  I hope some of that Luca Spaghetti - Groceries - Tutu magic rubs off on me :)

Imagine the luxury of taking an ENTIRE year off from life to travel to three such wonderful locations.  Really imagine it.  Imagine the taste of real Italian pizza and gelato, the wonder of meditating in a real ashram, and ultimately learning what love really is (including the love for yourself).  Really imagine it:  Where would you travel?  Who do you imagine you’d meet?  What lessons will they teach you?  Who is the real you?

It’s the new fairy tale.  The happily ever after is a greater sense of self and inner peace.  

We can all feel the pressure to work more hours and deliverable more results with less inputs.  We feel the pressure to live an InstaCeleb worthy lifestyle.  It’s not realistic to take a year off.  Heck we can’t even figure out parental leave, never mind a whole year for a self discovery adventure.  

So the question becomes can we bring the essence of Eat, Pray, Love into our everyday lives? 

Let’s start a discussion in the comments below.  This is a total judgement free zone so don’t be shy.  Please comment away!  (If the comments are still not working, please send me know via FB, Instagram, etc)

If you read the book, share your favorite parts and what you’ve tried to apply to your own life.  If you haven’t read the book, of this quick synopsis what is intriguing to you?  Where would you like to travel?  What do you need to learn about yourself?