Heart vs. Thought

Tonight's post is going to be more of a riff than a well constructed blog post.  To be honest, I just like to say I'm riffing about something so I can pretend to be a quarter as cool as Becca in Pitch Perfect and the amazing Riff-Off scene.

Let's explore being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur versus a Thought Centered Entrepreneur. 

I'm defining an HCE as someone that makes decisions for their business based on what feels right.  They choose what to do based on what makes them excited and brings high vibes into the life and business they're creating.  

On the other hand a TCE as someone that makes decisions based on numbers and evidence.  They look at market sizing, competitive research, and established processes to reach a certain goal in the most efficient way.

This week at my corporate job, I've spent most of my time in budgeting and planning meetings.  I find myself taking a step back from the discussion and truly observing what's unfolding before me.  In this case, someone from headquarters has determined there's a certain number to be hit.  Then a group of us discuss and debate the strategy, expenses, return on investment, etc in order to reach this magical goal.  It's a very Thought Centered approach. 

When I am more established on my Entrepreneurial Journey, I find myself leaning towards the Heart Centered Approach.  I imagine feeling my day with choices that honor my soul, my body, my creative mind, and basically build those positive high vibes all around me.  I don't want to have the Sunday Blues or a Case of the Mondays, a Hump Day, and finally TGIF.  I want to be excited to run my own business and have healthy boundaries and feel at peace with my choices.

I see the value in this Thought Centered Approach.  Could I reach my goals quicker if I could just figure out that sweet spot that would make me reach seemingly overnight?  Possibly.  But even just typing this question makes my body tense up.  It implies one right way of doing something, and if you have perfectionist tendencies like me, then it implies there is one singular best way of doing things.  

Maybe the differences have something to do with the masculine way of thinking versus a feminine way of thinking.  Maybe I'm overthinking it because I just want someone to give me the right answer for my own endeavors :) 

For my fellow Entrepreneurs, are you a TCA or an HCA?  I'd love to hear what's working for you and if you have any tips for someone like me.  Comment away!