Social Media Detox...3 More Tips

Tonight I'm sharing a major tip to help you feel more empowered with your life.  And since you're a smarty pants, you know from the title it has to do with going on a Social Media Detox. I'm not going to ask you to give up social media.  

I am going to give you 3 tips to take control of your social media experience.  That's right, YOU can decide what you see and when you respond.  

The Universe really does work in mysterious ways.  My 30 Day Blog Challenge ended on September 10 which I didn't realize had any significance until I woke up the next morning on September 11.  This isn't a post about September 11 and what the day means to me or what happened to me on that day.  All you need to know is that September 11 is a major trigger for me (in fact for the rest of this post, let's just call it Friday).  

On Friday, I thought I was good.  Then I started seeing posts on Facebook and Instagram.  And I was getting triggered.  I tried to think about what I could write to make everything alright.  Of course that's an impossible challenge.  Then I came upon a blog post titled "Why do we re-traumatize ourselves".  

It was exactly what I needed to hear.  The post included suggestions for healing and included:

  • Know that you can change your environment. Go for a hike, take a yoga class, enjoy a campfire.
  • Turn off the tv or change the channel.
  • Take a day off from social media.

I stopped there.  I thanked the writer of the post for the reminder that I am in control of what I see on social media because I don't need to be there.  I simply logged off.  On a day that I knew was going to be a trigger, I just needed to take a break from social media.  Even my Instagram feed, which I've taken careful effort to curate, needed to be avoided.   I can't be angry with people for posting about that day because they need to be able to process their emotions, too.  And for many people that includes sharing on Facebook.  

Tip #1:  Take a 48 hour social media detox on days you know you will be triggered

The other day that's really hard for me is Father's Day and I've already written myself a note in my 2016 calendar to take a detox on that Sunday and the next day too.  48 hours is important because people will post late in the day or their post will pop up as a top story the following day. 

Please note:  I am not suggesting you completely avoid your feelings because that's not healthy either.  What I'm saying is you can take control of your social media experience so that you don't re-traumatize yourself. 

Tip #2: Unfollowing on Facebook is your new best friend

Recently, I've been doing a lot of unfollowing on Facebook.  Unfollow means you still stay friends with the person but their updates don't show up in your feed.  

Let's be honest.  There are more things beyond certain days of the year that trigger us.  Weddings and babies are popular triggers.  During a New England winter, I cannot stand to see my friends in the south or on the west coast complain how cold it is...answer 50 degrees is not cold.  

But there are also people that I just don't keep in touch with.  I don't even comment on their posts and they don't comment on mind.   There are people that I don't have anything in common with anymore.  Instead of being irritated with seeing their posts and getting all judge-y about these people, I've just unfollowed them.  It's been amazing and feels incredibly liberating!

Tip #3:  Turn off your notifications

I've heard the recommendation to delete social media apps from your phone.  I'm still not at this advanced level :)  but I have turned off the notifications.  This means I'm in control of when I go on social media.  I don't need to be told from my phone that someone needs me to respond to something now.  

I've been more purposeful about social media time.  I haven't been scrolling through the sites all day long.  When I choose to go into social media and see a notification then I will choose whether or not to respond.  Not the other way around.  It comes down to setting boundaries and respecting yourself.  

Overall, you can take control of your social media experience.  It really is a simply change in mindset where you are empowered.  Once you master this when it comes to social media, I'll bet you will see how this applies to other areas of your life as well.  And of course, I'd LOVE to hear about it so please do share in the comments below! 

Sweet dreams, Wild Things.  You are going to ROCK this week!