You're here for a reason

Tonight my ego is being awfully pushy.  I hope you can relate.  What are you doing?  It's asking me.  You have other things you should be doing.  Who are you to have a blog?  There are plenty of high vibe experts spreading the word and all have more time to dedicate to their work.  

As you may know, I'm currently doing a blog challenge: 30 posts in 30 days.  And you may have noticed I didn't post on Friday or Sunday.  And because of the decreased momentum I'm struggling tonight.  And the ego gets louder with shame, criticism, and unworthiness.

I have a whole list of excuses as to why I missed my posts.  There are negative vibe excuses:  I simply wasn't prepared and I'm certainly overcommitted.  There are also high vibe excuses:  I chose other priorities to focus on first, including myself.   

Any journey can be overwhelming, whether it's starting a new business or working on self development or anything in between.  Especially when you're still on a totally different journey.  I imagine it like those Saturday morning cartoons where the ground splits beneath you heading in two different directions while you try to maintain your balance.  

At the end of the day we need to honor where are and the work we have put in and will continue to put in.  We need to celebrate the hustle!  We need to trust that the Universe has our back.  That we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  

I was on a Mastermind call on Sunday (one of my excuses) and I paused when the speaker, Mary Morrissey, said: 

If the Universe didn't need you, you wouldn't be here.  

I don't have all the answers right now.  I can't see just around the river bend, even though I really really wish I could.  I also really wish I could see the blocks that are preventing me right now.  One day I will.  One day there will be clarity.  

Right now, I'm trusting that I'm here for a reason.  I feel the army of angels supporting me.  I'm surrendering to all the powers that when the timing is right I will be ready to receive the message.  

Sweet dreams, Wild Ones