Bali: So that happened (Part 1 of 2)

It’s been 30 days since I’ve been in Bali.  A fact I wasn’t quite aware of until someone pointed it out.  It still feels like I just got back. 

Bali was an incredible experience, obviously, possibly even life changing.  My life probably looks the same as it did pre-Bali.  What changed was my state of mind.  I feel more peaceful yet focused.  I know I’m on my journey so I can focus on me and less on what others are doing.  When there’s a chance I may get caught up in some anxiety or negativity, I call upon my “Bali Brain” to bring me back to this new hierarchy. 

But let’s back up.  My life, up until now, has not been filled with seemingly glamorous international vacations.  My first trip abroad didn’t happen until I was 27 and was a required part of my MBA program.  I made a pact with myself to use my passport at least once a year after that.  I did well for about 5-6 years though admittedly about half of those trips were for work.  I’m also a very anxious flyer.  I am excited for the day teleportation becomes a real thing!

So how did I end up in Bali – half way across the world, 24 hours of plane time (not counting layovers), and almost 3 weeks off of work?  Well quite simply I said Yes! 

I was at one of Mastin Kipp’s retreats in Pasadena, CA when the offer came to continue working with Mastin, and his partner Jenna, in Bali.  I just knew I had so much more work to do and I was ready to let go of my old behavior patterns and shed everything that’s been holding me back.  My heartbeat quickened and then started pounding which I know is a signal that I really need to do something that’s also really going to freak me out.

I could have said that people like me don’t go to Bali.  I could have said it was too expensive and there was no way my boss would let me have the time off.  I could have been envious of all those signing up while listing off the things in my life that would prevent me from going.  I could have listened to my completely irrational fear that I could not survive a flight that long (spoiler alert: I survived!)

So yes, quite simply I said yes.  I signed up and handed over my credit card.  More importantly, I made the space for this adventure to happen.  I asked my boss for the time off instead of presuming she would say no.  I worked through my assets and made a plan to pay for the trip (and I made sure to refill the anxiety meds I take for flying!).  Then I owned it, excitedly telling people about my upcoming adventure!

My life is now measured as pre- and post- Bali - not because Bali is so exotic and I’m this glamorous world traveler - but because I said yes to my heart and in doing so I set up a powerful new pattern of honoring myself and my desires.

 What about you?  Is there something in your life you need to say YES to?  Have you recently said YES in a big way?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below!