Breaking Cycles

Wild Things - 

Let’s just rip this band aid right off, shall we? It’s been 86 days since my last blog post.  It feels almost like confession, but I know I have nothing to atone for. 

So much has happened…

and it has.  But when I hear those words in my head and I start trying to justify why I haven’t been blogging I just want to stop typing altogether and go bury myself in between my couch cushions.  I’ve been here before.  I’ve written this type of post before.  It feels flaky and embarrassing to end up back here once again.  

It is so tempting to think that I’m simply broken, but I know that’s not the reality.  Many of us fall into this trap, especially my fellow Perfectionists (yes, with a capital P).  We may wish for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and transform us into our fullest potential.  We’re tempted to buy all the latest self-improvement books because surely these Oprah-cloned authors never feel like adulting is hard.   

My inner critic may be trying to convince me to “get it together already!”  My inner guide acknowledges it’s okay if I’m here again.  This is my cycle.  Today I choose to accept it, rather than beat myself up over it.  The reality is that simply acknowledging these patterns bring us closer to the change we crave.  

“It’s trying to let the energy inspire you, instead of bring you down. It’s forgiving yourself when it wins.” - from What It's Like to Have 'High-Functioning' Anxiety by Sarah Schuster  

This quote is powerful whether or not you identify with the top of the article.  Think of how many challenges you can apply this to.  Forgive yourself when things get hard and release the energy of shame/embarrassment/anger/sadness/whatever and instead channel your inner bad ass!  Doesn’t that feel amazing?  You are not wrong.  The feelings are not wrong.  We are able to change the cycle simply by focusing that energy elsewhere.  

For me, channeling my inner badass looks like showering daily, getting dressed, and doing my hair and makeup…all while having fun with the process.  It’s about breaking out of the “I can do this in my sleep” routine and into the “I woke up like this” mentality.  Going through this routine makes me feel just a tad more confident and reminds me I can turn off Netflix and rejoin society whenever I choose.  

For you, it may be something completely different.  Maybe it’s your standing date at Crossfit, having a personal dance party daily, or treating yourself to a shot of peppermint in that venti triple shot mocha.  Whatever you’re doing it’s important to honor at least one small thing you can easily do every day to help you step back into your power.  After all, as the brilliant creator of Carpool Karaoke, James Corden once said: 

“All you can ever do is be the best version of yourself right now.”

We got this.  


Can you relate?  I would love to hear from you!  Share with us the secret sauce of how you’ve found your way out of a repeating cycle in the comments below.