Sometimes things are just things

Recently I was at a girls weekend with some of my most beautiful soul sisters.  Each of us spiritually minded in our own unique ways.  Throw in a few bottles of wine and the beautiful scenery of Florida and I found myself on a rant that I’m sure will become an inside joke we remember for years.  We’ll just look at each other and say “Sometimes things are just things” and burst out laughing. 

And now you’re in on the secret.  

Sometimes things are just things.  There is no meaning to it.  There is no special message from God or the Universe.  Things just happen that actually have nothing to do with you.  

I do believe that somethings happen for a reason, absolutely.  

When you get sick, could it be the Universe’s way of reminding you to slow down and take care of your body?  Absolutely.  But could it also be that you just rode the subway in NYC during the height of flu season? Absolutely.

When you see a feather, could it be a sign of support from your guardian angel?  Absolutely.  But could it also be that you just went to a bird sanctuary where there are naturally feathers everywhere?  Absolutely.  

Now, this may sound harsh and maybe a bit unspiritual but I believe it’s a kinder way to treat ourselves.  There’s no additional stress in figuring out why a certain thing is happening to you.  In trying to figure out the message or meaning of your current situation, you’re actually implying that there’s something wrong.  Something needs to be fixed, done differently, avoided, or attempted which can easily snowball into What did I do to deserve this?  

But maybe, just maybe you are exactly where you need to be and sometimes things are just things.