I'm Obsessed with "Year of Yes"

Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer.  The list of celebrities turned authors seems to be never ending.  The good news:  this list is full of kick ass inspirational women.  The not so good news:  well some of their books have turned out to not be so kick ass and inspirational.  Ok, I admit my expectations were probably a bit high.  I was maybe kinda hoping and wishing that these books would outline the exact method needed to become one of these fearless and confident unicorns.  

So when I kept hearing about Shonda Rhimes’ new book “Year of Yes”, I was skeptical.  I didn’t know much about Shonda and $10 for another dust collecting inspirational book seemed better spent on a bottle of wine.  

But the Universe kept sending me signs and after Shonda appeared on Super Soul Sunday (and after I finally watched the episode) I finally ordered a copy of Year of Yes.  

And here are 5 reasons you should order a copy too:  

1.  Her writing is hilarious!  

I probably shouldn’t have been that surprised at how entertaining Shonda’s writing style is given that she writes some of my favorite TV shows.  In case you’re pop culture IQ isn’t on point, Shonda Rhimes is the creator/writer of the shows on ABC’s TGIT Thursday Night line up.  Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and her latest Catch.  She has her own night of TV and her own land, well a production company anyway, named Shondaland.  

It’s honest, and funny, and entertaining.  Her writing is in line with her shows and while I could imagine any of the leading ladies performing any of these pages as monologue, it seemed that I was biased towards Dr. Miranda Bailey’s no nonsense yet heart warming Mama Bear personality.  

2.  It gets to the why

At the heart of the book is Shonda’s journey, her Year of Yes.  It all got started one Thanksgiving when Shonda was trying to impress her older sister with all the fancy recent invitations she’d received.  Knowing Shonda’s introverted nature, the sister called her out by asking “Well, are you going to go to any of these events?”.  Shonda replies “of course not”.  And then comes the inspiration for the book as her sister mutters “You never say yes to anything.”  

Shonda commits to saying Yes for one year.  Now she doesn't just say yes to everything anyone asks of her.  She basically agrees to saying Yes to anything that scares her or makes her nervous.  See Shonda has an incredible imagination, refer back to writing credits above, and her mind truly goes to scary places as she imagines freak accidents happening in public places and in front of audiences.  And this is why she doesn’t normally say Yes.  But as she starts to change her tune things certainly change. 

3.  Its relatable

So Shona gets asked to do some pretty cool things that aren’t anywhere near my radar (not yet anyway).  She gets invited to Jimmy Kimmel live, to sit with the Obamas at an important ceremony to honor achievements in Arts, to give the commencement speech at her alma matter, and more!   

But you and I are both smart enough to translate her stories to our own lives.  Sure, I haven’t turned down any night line TV appearances, but I still haven’t gone to one single yoga class since moving to Charleston.  And I keep saying I’m going to go to one of those resident mixers and I haven’t shown up yet.  So what exactly am I saying YES to? 

4.  It’s totally share worthy

I can’t tell you how many pics of this book I took to send to my friends.  “Ahh, this is what I was trying to explain.” “OMG totally what we were just talking about”.  etc.  And yes, I still buy hard cover books so I can joyously underline and circle passages and write notes in the margins like a true rebel ;)

5.  It’s like a behind the scenes look at your favorite shows 

The icing on the cake to this book is that Shonda uses some of the characters in her shows to reflect the morals or emotions she herself is struggling with.  She talks about actors and how they support one and another.  These emotional connections make me love all the Shondaland shows even more.  

I could probably write a book about how much I love this book.  And maybe one day I will ;)  So what are you waiting for?  Get your copy today and snap a few #shelfies!  Would love to hear what you think about Year of Yes AND if there is a book you’re currently obsessed with please share in the comment below !