Spirit Junkie MasterClass - One year later

“Maybe you’re just one of those people that’s not meant to be happy at work.”  

A friend said this to me at a conference in 2010. While there was a split second where I felt shut down, this was actually the moment when I truly feel like my spiritual journey started. So while my mind said maybe I needed to shut up and stop talking, there was a part of me that woke up. Surely, it can’t be right that some people are meant to be unhappy. And even if that’s how the world worked I was determined to not be one of them.  

Immediately following that conference I was moving to Dallas.  I picked up a few magazines for the 4 hour flight and at 30,000 ft in the air I read an article about Gabby Bernstein, the woman who would become my spiritual guru, in Glamour magazine.  Fast forward to today and I’ve since read all her books (Spirit Junkie is my favorite) and even created virtual book clubs for 2 of the others (May Cause Miracles and Miracles Now).   

(I promise I’m trying to keep this short, so you can read more about Gabby here.)  

I’ve seen her in person more times than I can remember including attending her Spirit Junkie Masterclass (SJMC) last June. 

Which is why we’re here.  Because this past weekend, despite my beautiful weekend in Arizona, I was having major FOMO as my social media feeds were filled with people attending this year's SJMC.

Last year, I went to SJMC for one reason.  Earlier in the year I heard Gabby say that the key to happiness at work was to learn to be the light.  I had no idea what this meant.  How can you be the light when there are office politics involved?  How can you be the light with red tape and bureaucracy?  This girl must be crazy, I thought.  There’s no way to be the light in Corporate America.  But as stubborn as I felt, I also knew I needed to find out what this meant.  

So what did I learn?  I learned that being the light means coming from a place of authenticity.  It's not about being fake and bubbly and pretending the world is perfect.  Instead it means communicating from a kind and genuine place. 

For example, if there is someone at work that always seems to put up roadblocks to your work then you might feel the need to reciprocate. Or you could simply be the light and give them the same support you’d give anyone else or maybe this is an opportunity to ask for their support in return.  Now this doesn’t mean you need to do their work for them or pretend you’re now work besties. You’re just being the light. 

Has this changed one year later?  

I think so.  As I reflect back, I see the same definition... with a refinement.  

Being the light still means coming from a place of authenticity and kindness for others... and this year I’ll add…"and more importantly for yourself": 

Being the light means coming from a place of authenticity and kindness for others and more importantly for yourself.  

Because “Being the light” is freaking hard when you’re miserable, unhappy, crabby, or a combination of all 3.  So the “for yourself” piece is really important to look inside and understand your part of the equation. 

Maybe someone isn’t blocking your project at all but rumors of layoffs has peaked your anxiety and you want to make sure you’re contributing.  So the kindness doesn’t need to be directed to your coworker at all.  Instead it needs to be directed at yourself.  Work is stressful right now and that’s ok.  Not everyday is going to be perfect.  Take a deep breath!  You are human.  And once you do that, once you are kinder to yourself, you’ll be less likely to snap at a coworker.  You’ll feel lighter.  And being the light becomes that much easier. 

So the secret to being happy at work really is to be the light.