Mental Download: Rapid Fire!

Wild Things - I have so much to say and no idea where to start.  It’s been way too long since my last confession…I mean blog post.  The perfectionist part of me has been waiting to figure out the exact right order to share what’s new.  But as those cliche seconds tick tock tick tock, I think of more things I want to share and well I'm back to where I started.  Until now.  

So I thought I’d try something different.  This week’s blog post is in a Rapid Fire format.   Since I have so much to talk about I’m going to share lil snippets in this post and then later I can figure out which topics to explore in full long form blog post format.  Sound like a plan?  Awesome!  

Actually I could use your help, too!  I really would LOVE to know which topics resonate with you so please comment below and if there are any burning questions I'll answer those over on Facebook so make sure you've liked my page so you don't miss the discussion!


When my energy gets drained it really gets drained.  Something crappy happened in July and it has taken me almost a month to get my energy back.  There’s always going to be a part of me that doesn’t want anything to hold me back.  But I’m also accepting that’s who I am.  Maybe it was my friend’s recent visit and all the fantastic southern food we ate or maybe it was getting back on Instagram, but for some unkown reason I woke up completely energized today! 


I started to reread Gala Darling’s book, Radical Self-Love.  In it, she gives a tip to find magic and wonder in your day.  I LOVE this!  For some reason the mantras “Be Positive”, “Choose Happiness”, and “Be the Light” always seem really fake to me and require a whole lot of energy I just don’t always have.  But magic is a different story.  MAGIC feels like a secret between me and the Universe and that feels a lot more fun!


I recently found out I’m having some thyroid issues which simultaneously feels like yet another betrayal from my body but also an opportunity to clean up my eating and all around environment. There’s a crazy statistic that reports our bodies absorb 5 pounds of chemicals from make up alone in one year.  If my body is already struggling then I'm choosing to give it a kinder environment.  So my first purchase was nail polish from Sparitual that is “Five-Free” which means that it doesn’t include the five known carcinogens that most nail polishes use.


While I was in LA, I had professional pictures taken for this site which included getting my hair AND makeup done.  Treat Your Self, right?  Well...I didn’t immediately feel great.  I felt beautiful, but when I looked in the mirror I was transported to the last time I felt that amazing and I wasn’t treated that great by people because of it.  It was an unexpected reaction and I was able to talk it out with the photographer, who I met from my trip to Bali.  (And yes, those pics will be used to update this site!  To make sure your one of the first to know, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter.  If you're on your phone scroll all the way down to subscribe and if you're on a desktop you'll see the form to the right).  


How many times do you say “I just need to get through the day”?  Corporate America is draining.  The problem for me is that when I focus on just getting through the day, I don’t leave any energy for after the day.  All I'm capable of doing is numbing out on the couch.  I used to get a lot of questions from readers of this blog about how to get things done, finding the right planner, etc.  I’m beginning to think that the key is making sure you schedule your priorities and focus on those.  Don’t focus on getting through your day.  Focus on what makes you feel alive!  If all day you're focused on having a kick ass yoga class at 7pm then I’m willing to bet you save some energy to actually make it through class instead of just laying in savasanah on your couch for 5 hours until bedtime.   


Lastly, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on coaches and retreats that I feel like I could write a post about what to expect at a retreat and when it’s time to move on, which is my current state of mind.  I really want this website where I can be a Spiritual Translator of sorts and being vulnerable and sharing my experience seems scary but can only help us both.  

Wow - that’s a lot!  It feels so AMAZING to write this post and if you are still reading this, then I have so much gratitude for your unicorn sparkle.  And now, since I'm writing this on Tuesday night, it's time for some Olympics!  Go USA!