Wildly Authentic

Wildly Imperfect and Wildly Authentic. 

I’ve played around with these two brand names/hashtags/spiritual lessons for the past year.  Are they the same?  Different?  What do they actually mean?    

My goal with this blog is to be real and not put on a facade of a perfect life.  I feel like there are so many blogs out there that inspire their readers to be just like them…because look at their picture perfect life!  How could you not want what they have?  

That’s never going to be me.  My life isn’t perfect, I don’t look perfect, and this blog will never be perfect.  I don’t want you to be perfect either.  I want to inspire you to do just do you.  To get in touch with who you really are and make decisions from that place; not from outside influences.  

Wildly Imperfect was a great brand.  People told me they loved seeing the hashtag.  It made them smile.  It made me smile too!  It reminded me to be silly.  Today I’m leaving that brand behind.  Because while its good to embrace our imperfections and learn to love ourselves despite of (or because of) those imperfections, we are all so much more than that.  

Focusing on the imperfections and the word imperfect is almost a cause for separation from other people.  Until you’ve become a spiritual master, the word imperfect is almost always going to be triggering that you somehow don’t fit in to society’s standards.  And that’s just not true.  Also, it’s really easy to identify our imperfections.  You could probably list off at least 5 right now.  

It's harder to identify who we are.  And that’s why I’m going to focus on being Wildly Authentic going forward.  

Wildly Authentic encompasses all that we are.  It’s connecting with ourselves at a soul and spiritual level and knowing what we really want out of life and then making decisions from that place. 

This is my journey.  I’d love for you to join me.