What's in your Netflix?

If it’s not obvious, all images in this post are from Netflix

If it’s not obvious, all images in this post are from Netflix

I suppose I always knew that Netflix was customized for each person, but I had no idea how vastly different each person’s home page could look. I was at a friend’s house and she had turned on Netflix to find something for us to watch and I was shocked at how different her feed was from mine. I assumed I watched some pretty basic stuff and admittedly maybe it’s too basic.

So it’s time to start a very important dialogue: what’s in your Netflix?

Profile Pic

Let’s start at the very beginning. Yassss, I log in as JVN from Queer Eye. I LOVE that I get to channel his positive attitude and fierce confidence, even if it’s just for the quick second that I click on his face.

To the right of my profile pic are 4 other standard images: my friend, her daughter, my mom, and another friend. I’m always tempted to look into their queues but somehow it seems like an invasion of my privacy. I wonder if they look at mine? Seems like a good boundary to have.

Popular and Trending

Popular and Trending.jpeg

Pretty boring here. Even though these are supposedly “Popular” and “Trending” I do wonder if these lists are also customized or truly based on current trends. I do enjoy baking shows but if that Curious Creations show is meant to be scary count me out (same for why I will not be watching the Haunting anytime soon). I’ve heard Elite is similar to Gossip Girl so I may add that to the queue. I’ve heard a ton about Riverdale but not enough to entice me. And hello, of course I’m not going to watch Grey’s Anatomy. That’s what Shondaland’s TGIT is for - real time people, real. time.

Continue Watching and Watch it Again

Continue and Watch Again.jpeg

It always confuses me when Netflix tells me to watch something again when I am clearly still in the middle of watching that very same thing. And I know Netflix knows this because the same show is quite often in the same list. In this case: Schitt$ Creek. By the way, I am loving season 4. Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy continue to be hysterical as the terribly vapid David and Alexis, though both get more romantic storylines this season and I love them all the more for it. But the real star is Catherine O’Hara. You just need to watch and you’ll understand. Basically her character from Beetlejuice on steroids. Why none of the cast has an Emmy yet is just beyond me.

For the record: I will not continue watching Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I love a good angsty teen drama but some teen dramas truly are just for teens. Could not get into this one. I watched The Lake House to fall asleep and as you can see this was successfully accomplished. I will no doubt watch Parks and Rec again at some point and of course Sing. I adore a good animated movie with good songs and an uplifting message.

After this section comes a few generic ones:

  • Soapy TV Shows: includes something called Wanderlust, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls (is GG soapy??)

  • Comedies: How to Get Over a Breakup, Nappily Ever After, and Gnome Alone (I’ve never heard of any of these)

  • New Release: Dancing Queen, A Wrinkle in Time, The Good Place (I will be watching the first two, I now watch The Good Place live because it’s too good to wait for the Netflix release)

  • Dramas: Message in a Bottle (is that Robin Wright?), The Guernsey, and The Spectacular Now

A Strong Female Lead

Strong Female Lead.jpeg

These are probably some of the most on brand categories for me. I will take a strong female lead over another boring straight white dude any day of the damn week. Though come on Netflix…the image for Rumor Has It needs some work if you want it fall in the lead female category.

Interestingly, there were at least 3 other categories that incorporated some combination of “binge-worthy”, “female lead”, and “award winning”. I wish these were as standard as “Romantic Comedies”.



I love this category of “Friendship” just as much as “Female Lead”. Yes, Netflix, you really get me. However, I do hope there’s an equivalent category for men - buddy comedy? male bonding? Friends are important regardless of gender. The more you know.

BTW - Grace and Frankie is one of my favorites. The show is so fun and I can’t help but wonder whether I’ll be more of a Grace or Frankie when I’m older. And of course, there’s the amazing June Diane Raphael. I hope this show never ends.

Coming up next, there’s a whole bunch of “Because you watched…” categories:

  • Because you watched The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: The Princess Diaries (good job on catching the obvious), High School Musical 3 (gotta love a good sequel), 101 Dalmations (curious)

  • Because you watched Thor: Ragnarok: Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Pirates of the Carbibean

  • Because you watched P.S. I Love You: The Lake House (I certainly will when I can’t fall asleep), Nights in Rodanthe, Before You Go (is it just me or does Chris Evans somehow look different in every movie he’s in?)

    Top Picks

Top Picks.jpeg

Netflix, oh Netflix. This is like the moment when your friend does something so uncharacteristic that you question if you’re still friends and also you’re very existence. I will not watch the Boss Baby TV series (can children’s shows please pass the Bechdel test?). I’ve already seen Coraline (which is maybe why this popped up again). The animation is beautiful but the story is incredibly scary and I don’t do scary. Finally, what the hell is a Bare Bear?!?!

So there you have it. This is my Netflix feed. Not sure if says more about me or Netflix but would love to know how this compares to yours. Am I totally basic??