To All The Bosses I've Had Before

Photo credit: PicJumbo

Photo credit: PicJumbo

Dear Lauren*,

I hope all is well. Following up on our previous meeting where we discussed my Doctor’s orders for weekly medical treatments. Your response of “well, how are you gonna get your work done?” was neither supportive or appropriate though somehow legal (though I’m not quite sure). I see the company has recently launched a campaign in support of women and more broadly diversity but please excuse me for not believing a single word of it. I should have spoken up in the moment, but more so cannot believe I stayed for as long as I did.

Kind Regards,

Heidi Cat

Dear Mark,

I regret to inform you that you are a micromanager. You are a very sad man and nobody likes you.

Hope this helps,

Heidi Cat

Dear Jennifer,

It was so nice to see you yesterday. I wanted to reach out to you because I noticed the way you looked me up and down in that brief moment of saying “good morning”. I understand you prefer a more conservative manner of dress, as I’ve heard from others, but a disapproving look is the not the best way for me to receive that feedback. Instead of talking about me behind my back, it would have been great for you to pull me aside and have an honest conversation. I thought you were someone who supported me based on all the early praise you gave me. But apparently you did not support me enough to discuss a topic that was potentially holding me back. Though, let me be clear, a workplace that judges my intellect and future based on brightly colored attire is no place for me.

Have a great day,

Heidi Cat

Dear Michele,

I saw on LinkedIn that you recently celebrated a major work anniversary. Congratulations! I occasionally see your posts on work trips and conferences that you’ve attended. Your success is really admirable. One thing I wanted to clarify though is about your direct reports. I know I personally really enjoyed working with you and I’m sure your new teams have as well. But I don’t see you bringing them along with you. Though I certainly could have missed something so please let me know. I just feel like women should be supporting other women. Based on my experience, success isn’t limited in size like a pie. Can you confirm you’re not keeping it all for yourself?


Heidi Cat

Dear Asshole,

Please see attached for commentary on how you treated me.

Be best,

Heidi Cat

*All names changed…obviously