One Saturday


There were two things on my to do list that I really, really wanted to do. 

The first was to go for a walk outside. I had been walking on the treadmill in my apartment gym for what felt like eons and I yearned for some fresh air. It was the beginning of March and I was desperate for Spring. 

The second was to check out the flotation tanks at a nearby spa. I was dying to try them out but worried my claustrophobia would greatly reduce any sensation of relaxation. I needed to see it for myself. 

When I woke up that Saturday morning, it was dreary and cold. Yet again. A walk outside was out of the question. Feeling like winter is some sort of personal attack from the universe, I gave the world a side eye and grumpily got dressed, drove to the mall. I figured I could at least salvage the morning by enjoying a latte at Starbucks and working on my writing.

Surprisingly, I had such a productive writing session that the endorphins were flowing and I was riding high. Not ready to head home, I decided to check out the new food hall on the 3rd floor. It opened a few months ago and I kept forgetting to check it out. 

I strolled by all the different restaurants taking in the ambience and clientele, locating the hostess table, and most importantly spotting a new charming coffee shop with cascading ivy walls. Note to self: I am  definitely coming back for a taste test and am now bracing myself for a potential breakup with Starbucks.

Satisfied with my morning out, I was ready to head home. I was still feeling the writing generated high vibes when I realized I was passing Kate Spade. I am absolutely a function over fashion type of person so I had been on a months long mission for a small cross body purse that would hold my large wallet. Since the wallet was from Kate Spade I was hoping they would have something that would work. I had some "Fuck You" money left over from being unemployed and decided this was definitely a worthy use of those funds. 

Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for, I found two purses that fit the bill. I decided to really dive into that Fuck You money and splurge on both; one in black and one in red. I have to admit, treating myself after being unemployed still feels uncomfortable and this was a good exercise of feeling worthy and valuable. 

Whoever said retail therapy isn’t real therapy is seriously disturbed. I was feeling great. The sales women who helped me was incredibly nice and patient (even though she lost power the night before!) and on top of it all everything was 30% off. 

I felt like a legit boss bitch. Even my high vibes had high vibes. 

I finally left the mall, went out to my car, and put my bags into my trunk. The next stop was Whole Foods for some groceries and didn’t want to drag my entire laptop bag into the store with me. So I pulled out my credit card, ID, and left everything else in the trunk. 

Including my keys. 

I locked my keys in the trunk. 

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I checked all my pockets over and over again until it was clear that they were definitely empty. I checked all the doors over and over again until it was clear they were definitely locked. I thought I had one of those fancy cars that couldn’t lock the trunk if the keys were inside. No, no I did not. 

I simply could not believe this was happening. How could I be so stupid?! All the high feelings I was feeling just moments ago had vanished. Gone. At the end of the day I was a stupid moron who locked her keys in the her car and nothing else. Ugh! 

Before I had a complete meltdown, I suddenly had an epiphany that I could walk home (which was less than a mile from the mall and now I felt even worse for driving in the first place), ask the landlord to let me in my apartment (after all I did have my ID on me with address clearly listed), grab my extra set of keys, walk back to the mall, finally get in my car, and drive home. 

It was as simple as telling Netflix "Yes, I'm still here".

But the whole walk home, I panicked. When I was moving from South Carolina to Virginia, I distinctly remember having a conversation with myself about whether or not I really needed an extra set of car keys. Did I really need to keep these extra set of car keys? When would I ever need them and who would I ever give them to? But then again they do not take up a lot of space. I could not however remember what I ultimately decided. 

I tried to play the conversation over and over again and visualize packing and unpacking that extra set of keys. But I couldn’t see it. I was not sure I had those keys. 

I noticed my eyes had been squinting for most of the walk and it finally dawned on me that the sun was out. The sun was out! I could feel my vitamin D levels rising. It felt amazing! The high vibes started to slowly return. 

But what was I going to do if I didn’t have my car keys?!

Oh but I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I am OUTSIDE! I really wanted to take a walk outside this weekend and in the midst of a freak out I find myself…TAKING. A. WALK. OUT. SIDE.

I smiled knowingly. The Universe conspired to make this happen. You sneaky little devil. Those extra set of car keys better be in my filing cabinet or I will not believe in this moment of divine intervention. 

Back at my apartment, convincing the concierge to let me in to my apartment was incredibly easy which I still haven’t decided was a good thing or not. She let me into my apartment and I felt like I had been gone on a very long trip and was finally home. Praise be! 

I raced towards my filing cabinet and found the exact recycled whole foods container I was looking for. I saw the bright yellow car tag attached to a key chain.

But when I reached in to pull it out…there was a house key on the key chain. Not a car key. 

This could not be happening. I started to take everything out of my filing cabinet. What was I going to do if I did not have this set of keys? It wasn’t with my stack of mini notepads. If I don’t have my car keys what am I going to do about a new set of apartment keys? It’s not with my stash of extra pens and pencils. Do I call a car dealership? Surely, this happens all the time. But what if it doesn’t? 

And there it was. The most glorious car key I had ever seen. I had saved the key after all and all was going to be great in the world. If my life was a musical, which unfortunately it was not, this was the perfect moment for an empowering Let It Go type number. 

As I started to walk back to the mall, I clutched on to that key with all my might. I was close to the mall and looked up to cross the street and saw the spa with the floatation tanks right in front of me. 

Ok, Universe. I see you. I smiled to myself. 

I was so totally bummed about not being able to go for a walk outside and not checking out the spa with the flotation tanks and here I was doing those very two things. 

And I wasn’t going to be down on myself for locking my keys in the trunk in the first place, because dear Universe, we see each other. 




Photo credit: PicJumbo