Smoky Mountains

Last weekend, I went on my very first photography workshop. I say “first” because apparently there is a whole word of photography workshops (and camera clubs) and I sense/hope this is not a one and done deal for me.

The workshop was INTENSE. Let’s put it this way, the day we “slept-in” my alarm went off at 5am. Each day we were out in the field for 14 hour days with just a break for lunch. I was so far outside my comfort zone I was in orbit.

At one point, we had to take off our socks and shoes to cross a river (ok it was probably a stream, but it my mind it might as well have been the Grand Rapids) and then we got on the other side it was time to put the socks and shoes back on our now wet and muddy feet. Ugh!

So would I do it again? In a heart beat. The very first night I woke up in a complete panic attack. I was worried I didn’t belong there and needed to go home. But I also knew that if I stuck it out I would feel like Wonder Woman. And of course, that’s what happen. I learned a ton and my confidence grew.

Below are my favorite pictures. Some were technical shots the instructors wanted us to get. Some are my own personal favorites. I was going to try and call that out but I actually like the collection as a whole and I’m not sure the differentiation matters. If you’d like, take a guess in the comments and I’ll let you know if you’re right or not.

I will share some of the backstories to these pictures on my instagram. So make sure you follow me there.

TIP: If you click on the picture, it should enlarge it. At that point you can use the arrows to scroll through the other photos if you so choose.

This workshop was offered through The Capital Photography Center. I highly recommend them. I’ve taken several classes with them, both in the classroom and in the field and of course now this workshop, and I’ve only had positive experiences. If you’re in the DC area, definitely check them out!